How May I Help?

Life is crazy. Let’s put some slow jamz on and get down to business in the kitchen.


Health Coaching

1 on 1 guidance so you can reach your health goals. Calorie counting is a thing of the past. We’ll work together to ditch old habits and create lifestyle changes that will create forever results.


Menu Planning

Say goodbye to sad desk lunches that leave you feeling like a bag of @ss. With a little prep, your coworkers will be begging you to pack their lunches too. I promise it won’t be grilled chicken and broccoli every day.


Small Event Catering

Is making toast the extent of your cooking skills? Hey, we all have our strengths. Contact me below to see how I can help at your next event.


Party Planning

From meal planning to party planning, I’ve got your back. After a quick consultation, I’ll make cooking a breeze with a detailed timeline, grocery list and crowd pleasing recipes.