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Anna | Chief Feta Officer

Hi there!

My name is Anna and my life is a constant struggle of wanting those boneless buffalo wings (extra bleu cheese) with a side of mozzarella sticks and knowing that I shouldn’t. There, I said it! How do I make it easy to avoid the bad food? I learned to cook amazing stuff at home with REAL FOOD and balance that with a not-so-healthy meal every now and then.

A wee bit of background on me: I grew up with a predominantly Mediterranean style cuisine (word on the street is that it’s pretty healthy) at home as my parents are Greek. I thought what my parents fed me was gross and boring because it wasn’t the microwave dinners I saw on TV and heard about other kids eating in school. “Is that Moose KAKA?!” I went to college, used my freedom to eat all of that terrible food, grew up and finally realized my parents were onto something. You live you learn, right?

After working in the financial world for about 10 years, I decided to follow my passions – food and health! I received my Health Coach Certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition this year and learned all about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the nutrition world. I want to drop all my knowledge bombs on you because I know weeding through the many contradicting dietary theories out there to find what’s right for you can be quite cumbersome. Luckily, you have me!

While the world of finance wasn’t my cup o’ tea, it taught me how to figure out ways to eat healthy with a busy lifestyle. With a small fraction of my day left for personal time, the keys to cooking success are quick and easy techniques along with a little planning. Life is demanding. Our jobs, kids, social lives shouldn’t have to be sacrificed to be healthy.

It’s not about being perfect all the time, it’s about learning the right BALANCE. So, yes, bacon and it’s friends will make special (rare) guest appearances in my recipes, but veggies and friends are the stars of this show.


Theo | chief food tester

Hee-Yawl! (You know because I’m a freakin donkey).

I guess you all are wondering, what the heck is a donkey doing on a health blog? Well, let me start by saying that I haven’t always been this glorious mass of chiseled meat. I know you’re thinking, “How can I get a piece of that four-legged Tijuana tantalizer?” Woah! Slow your roll, this jackass is taken, but I have news. I haven’t always been this way. That’s right, I was once a fat ass golden arch worshiping french fry pounder. When I started to eat real food (you know, not from a laboratory) it was a game changer. So how did this dude go from fat to fab? For me, it was all about the Crumbled Feta life in Mediterranean style cooking, meditation, and pushing myself at the gym.

This donkey is super active and I don’t always have a lot of time. The fact that Crumbled Feta food is easy to prepare certainly helps, but it also doesn’t taste like farmer Jebediah’s tractor mart bargain feed, which is a huge plus. It’s quite the opposite – more like culinary brilliance. Now that I am chalking up the 5k’s instead of the 5lb burgers, CF keeps me fueled for all my crazy adventures and out of a food comatose state. I value peak performance when I am at work or hauling stuff 50 miles up a mountain; you can’t do that on a diet of gummi bears and energy drinks.

The most valuable tool for me was shopping with a plan and not with my gut. My gut lies. It tells me to put butter on my butter and add that to a steak covered burger on a doughnut bun. Yeah. So I keep the crap out of the house. Trust me, there will be plenty of opportunities to eat the stuff that slows you down. As I ate better and exercised more, that stuff became less appealing. Although I am still known to gobble a pizza from time to time, I pay back my caloric debts two fold. There is no such thing as entitlements. If I run ten miles or have a bad day at the office it is not a permission slip to eat like a farm animal. Trust me I’ve been there. Eat like crap and I owe a week of healthy eating and epic gym workouts to get back on track.

So far so good for this guy! Looking forward to sharing more with y’all.

Take care and comb your hair,